Other Added Expenses to Consider as a Car Owner

When buying a vehicle from us at Mazda of Ridgeland, we go through all the requirements that you will need concerning the documentation as well as other expenses that come with owning a car. Our staff here in Ridgeland, MS, take their time to ensure that all our clients make informed and wise decisions. Some of the costs incurred by a car owner include;

• The initial buying cost- this is the price of the car tag or the amount you pay after negotiating with your dealer.

• Insurance cost- all vehicles need to get insured before they can operate on the roads.

• Repairs and maintenance cost- you will need to visit our dealership from time to time to get your vehicle checked for optimum performance.

• Fuel or gas cost- This varies depending on the car type you buy and the distance you cover every day with your car.

• Licensing and registration fees also get included.

When buying a car from Mazda of Ridgeland, you are allowed to take it for a test drive, and the staff can help you with additional inquiries you may have on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Do you want to learn more about the cost of ownership of a vehicle? Give our experienced and knowledgeable staff at the dealership a call or come down and see us for further information. Feel free to take a look at our currently available inventory as well! You may find your next vehicle here at Mazda of Ridgeland!

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