Mazda Drivers, Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of Apple CarPlay

If you’re both a Mazda driver and an iPhone user, you might be ignoring one key feature in your vehicle to connect those two worlds, Apple CarPlay. As much as we try to avoid it, multitasking is a part of our daily lives, so Mazda has done what it can to streamline the process.

Apple CarPlay allows you to access certain features of your iPhone safely and without using your hands. To access it, you first need to make sure that your car is in park, and that the parking break is engaged. Then connect your iPhone’s lightning cable into the Mazda’s USB port that has a smartphone logo next to it. Your system should detect the phone right away.

The command knob in the center of the dashboard is the central hub of how you control CarPlay with your hands. Simply tilt and rotate it to navigate the program and you will see how intuitive it is to use. Available features through CarPlay include hands-free calling, GPS, podcasts, and audiobooks. Suffice it say; Apple CarPlay makes it easy for you and your family to stay connected.

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